Cute Dog Toys For Your Dog

Cute Dog Toys For Your Dog

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your dog or yourself, there are many different types of toys available. A classic from the ’80s is Pound Puppies. This toy comes in its own adoption paper and sticker sheet and plays a song. It’s also an educational toy for kids, as it plays music, teaches colors and numbers, and even helps teach parts of the body! You can even turn the volume down so your child can play the toy without disturbing you!


The Boss Pet dimple ball with bell dog toy is a durable, battery operated toy that teaches your pet the alphabet. Designed for larger dogs, this fun toy has a bell built right into the dimple ball. It has four songs to choose from and is rechargeable via USB. Your pup will love this toy, and you can even teach your dog tricks with its wireless remote control. Designed to engage your dog and promote playtime, this toy will make learning fun for your dog.


If you’re looking for a great gift for a young child who wants to learn about responsibility, Ricky is the perfect choice. This lovable puppy will poop treats when he is …

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