When should You Start Giving Dog Food to Puppy?

When should You Start Giving Dog Food to Puppy?


What is the right time to switch my puppy to dog feed? Can I feed him on commercial dog foods? Will this be beneficial for his health? All these questions start bothering you when you become anew pet parent. Making a best diet plan and giving him the right meal at every age group is the best way to show your love and affection for your puppy.

German shepherds in Malaysia usually start taking dog feed diet after six months but this varies from dog to dog you need to be sure that what is the best meal for you little puppy at every age. Dog food in Malaysia provides value as well as comfort to the pet parents by delivering best quality food for your dog at every age group.

Generally, a puppy can start feeding on commercial dog food when he has reached to maturity age of his own breed. But this is not fixed for every puppy it can vary from breed to breed. A puppy is at the stage of growing his bones and organs never rush on feeding him the dog food early. It can not only harm his health but can bring many issues in his growth. If your dog does not have a proper growth he will lack in many traits an active and healthy dog should have.

When you are selecting meal for your puppy you need to be sure that it is certified by the animal health authorities. Moreover, you need to know the two kinds of dog nutrient profile as the one is growth and other is adult maintenance. The one with growth is specially composed of the nutrients required for a young puppy while that of adult maintenance is designed for adult dogs who have crossed the age of growth and development.

What to do if a dog food label says it is for both stages? If the dog food is certified by animal food authorities and labels that it is for both growth and adult stage, then you can feed your puppy the right amount mentioned on the pack. This will have dual benefits as you won’t have to switch the dog food when your puppy is an adult. Changing the dog food might make your dog upset or annoyed. It takes time for him to switch his taste from old to new. Puppy Malaysia want their food to taste best just like humans. Thus, selecting the right food brand from growth stage will be beneficial in long run.

One last and very important consideration is the apparent growth and inside growth of your puppy. If your puppy has grown fully from outside as an adult dog this does not means that he has stopped growing from inside too and is mature for commercial dog feeds. At average a dog takes around a year to grow. Thus, be very careful when you switch your dog from traditional puppy food to commercial dog feed.