Which Are the Best Tough Dog Toys For Your Dog?

Which Are the Best Tough Dog Toys For Your Dog?

There are plenty of tough dog toys on the market, but what is the best one? This article will give you some options. You may also be interested in Kong, Nylabone, or Tuffy. These toys are meant for your dog, so they should be tough enough to withstand your pet’s chewing. The best ones will also last for years! So, which ones are best for your dog? Read on to find out! And remember, the toughest ones are not always the most durable!


Dogs who love to chew on tough objects should give your pup a Tuffy tough dog toy. This brand of durable, chewable dog toys has bristles and rounded nubs, which control plaque and tartar buildup. Plus, your pup will love to chew on these toys because they are as fun to play with as you are! These toys are also made in the USA and are FDA-approved. Here are some of our favorite models:


The design of GoughNuts chew toys addresses the safety concerns of many pet owners. The patented safety indicator lets you know whether your dog is about to play with GoughNuts or Stop!, so you can put your mind at ease. GoughNuts are made of a durable rubber and feature a patented safety indicator. GoughNuts are safe for dogs to chew on because they are not toxic and they are not dangerous for your dog if swallowed.


A variety of Kong tough dog toys are available, including the Extreme Ball, which is a renowned favorite with dogs. Made of natural Kong extreme rubber, this durable ball has an incredible bounce. Be warned, though: your dog may use this ball to destroy household items! It may also break glass and other glassware! Nonetheless, it is worth the money if you want to protect your valuable possessions from your dog’s destructive behavior!


When you want to buy your pet a long-lasting chew toy, look no further than the Nylabone Dog Extreme Chew Barbell. Every dog needs to chew in order to prevent destructive off-limit chewing, relieve stress, and anxiety. A chew toy also promotes good dental health. If your pup is bored or stressed out, chewing can be a great way to keep them occupied and engaged for hours on end.

West Paw Design

West Paw Design is a small company located in the mountains of Montana. The owner and designer of West Paw has a passion for animals and has been producing eco-friendly pet products for over 20 years. These toys are made in the USA, so they’re a green choice for dog owners everywhere. And because they’re made of recycled materials, West Paw can be assured that no harmful chemicals end up in our environment. For this reason, West Paw is dedicated to recycling its products whenever possible.

Orbee-Tuff Squeak

The Planet Dog Squeak is an excellent squeaker ball that is just as durable as the Orbee-Tuff Squeak. This tough dog toy rates 5 out of 5 on the durability scale. The squeaker is enclosed in a non-toxic sleeve that is embedded in the ball during the molding process. No glue is needed to affix the sleeve to the ball. This toy comes in a variety of colors for your dog to choose from.