Top 5 Dog Toys For Puppies

Top 5 Dog Toys For Puppies

If you’re looking for a puppy’s toy, you should check out Kong Plush Ducks, Kong Squeakair Balls, and Nylabone Giant Flavored Rings. Dog toys for puppies should be fun and engaging, and a dog’s toy selection should include the size and breed of your dog. If you’re not sure what size toy to get, ask your breeder or dog rescue organization.

Kong Plush Duck

The KONG Cozie is one of the most popular plush dog toys on the market. This soft, cuddly toy is made of an extra layer of material, making it perfect for playtime and comfort. Your puppy will love playing fetch with the Kong Cozie. It’s also the perfect size for a game of fetch or a simple comfort toy. When it’s time for a new toy, consider the KONG Cozie.

Kong Squeakair Balls

The KONG AirDog Squeakair Ball is a great dog toy that combines a squeaker and tennis ball. This durable toy won’t wear your puppy’s teeth because it’s made of special, non-abrasive felt, unlike normal tennis balls which are made from abrasive material. It’s the perfect fetch toy!

Kong Giant Flavored Ring

A Kong dog toy is the best choice for a puppy that has trouble chewing. It is large enough for puppies to grasp and has a squeaker inside. Dogs love squeaky toys and they are a great way to entertain them. These chew toys come in two sizes: small and large. You can also choose between the small and large size. Whether your puppy plays alone or with other puppies, he will love these dog toys.

Nylabone Giant Flavored Ring

If your puppy loves to chew, this giant-sized ring is a perfect choice. Its extra-large size is perfect for puppies under fifty pounds, and its textured ends help clean tartar and plaque from teeth. A great game of fetch is sure to ensue when your puppy gets ahold of this toy. It’s a good idea to keep one of these dog toys in your car or purse so your puppy can have plenty to play with while you’re away.

Kong Interactive Brain Game Toy

The Kong Interactive Brain Game Toy is a great way to engage your puppy’s brain while he plays. These fun and durable dog toys come in different sizes, which makes choosing the right one for your pup difficult. A small Kong toy isn’t going to provide much enjoyment if your puppy gets too big for it, while a large Kong will provide hours of fun. Because Kong toys are relatively expensive, you may want to consider a larger one for your puppy.