How to Evaluate the Quality of Wet Dog Food

How to Evaluate the Quality of Wet Dog Food

When evaluating the quality of wet dog food, one of the best tools is its ingredient list. This includes the first two ingredients, ranked by their percentage of weight. As you can see, this type of dog food is generally higher in protein than dry offerings, but this should not be a deal- breaker. The highest-quality wet dog foods also have more digestible animal protein than dry offerings. If you’re concerned about the water content, you can opt for dry foods.

Ingredients in wet dog food

There are many different types of wet dog food, but what should you look for in each one? Here are some tips to make a great decision. The first thing to look for is a protein source. Often times the protein source is the first ingredient listed, but this can be a poor indicator of the quality of the meat. Read the label carefully and consider the amount of protein before purchasing the food.

Make sure it’s a complete meal.

Wet dog food is typically sold in loaf and ground meat form. Some of these products also come in pate form, which is more like a sauce. Stews and slices in gravy are also …

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