Benefits of Dry Dog Food

Benefits of Dry Dog Food

If you’re looking for an alternative to canned or frozen dog food, try feeding your dog a brand of dry dog food. It’s often easier to feed than canned or frozen foods, and is made from farm-raised chicken and vegetables. There are several benefits to this type of food, from its easy feeding to its variety of carbohydrate content. If you’re not sure which one is right for your dog, consult your vet and do some math to figure out how much calories your dog should eat daily. Lastly, you’ll need to account for the calories your dog gets from treats.

Purina’s dry dog food is made with farm-raised chicken

Purina’s Beneful Simple Goodness with Farm-Raised Chicken Adult Dry Dog Food is loaded with farm-raised chicken. Not only is the food made with farm-raised chicken, but it also contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals. The nutrient-dense recipe is especially great for small breed dogs, and its delicious flavor is sure to delight your dog’s senses. The food is also low-fat and free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and added sugar.

It contains peas and carrots

Dry dog food containing carrots and peas is not bad for dogs. But be careful when giving them peas because it can cause flatulence and bloat. You should give one pea to a small breed and one tablespoon to a large breed. Both vegetables are good for your dog and contain essential nutrients such as potassium and fiber. Peas and carrots are also great sources of fiber, which will keep your dog regular.

It contains more carbohydrate than canned food

It is important to note that the carbohydrate content of canned and dry dog food is usually not listed on the packaging. This is because the amount of water in fresh meat decreases during processing. Therefore, a dry dog food containing corn as the first ingredient may be nutritionally superior to one with meat as the first ingredient. In addition, some nutrients are only listed as a minimum or maximum amount, so you may have to read the label to find out the true percentage of each ingredient.

It is easy to feed

While dry dog food is convenient for busy owners, there are some benefits to feeding your pet a special diet. A healthy diet can help prevent disease and increase your dog’s energy. Some types of dog food contain high amounts of carbohydrates, which is the fuel for pathogenic yeast. Symptoms of a yeast overgrowth include itchy and smelly skin and frequent ear infections. Other dry dog food ingredients include chicken byproducts and fiber. Some even contain ingredients to help scrape plaque off your dog’s teeth.

It can cause more waste

Wet and dry food both have their benefits. Wet food will keep your dog fresh longer, while dryfood is cheaper and easier to store. Wet food, on the other hand, will cause more waste as it will spoil faster, resulting in soggy kibble. While wet food can be a great choice for dogs with a healthy diet, dry food can be better for dogs with gastrointestinal problems.