Cats And Dogs Are Our Friends

Cats are the most popular pets in the United States. Cats are the most popular pets in the world. More people own cats than dogs.

Cats tell us how they feel in several ways. When a cat talks, it is called a meow. Some cats have high sounding meows. Some cats have low, husky meows. Some cats don’t meow at all. Sometimes it sounds like there is a motor in your cat. This is called purring. Cats purr when they are happy. Cats like when you pet them gently from head to tail. This often causes them to feel good and happy, so they purr.

When cats are mad or afraid, they make a growling loud noise. This often ends with the cat hissing and making a spitting sound. Do not try to pick a cat up when he is doing this. He may scratch or bite you by accident. When a cat is mad or afraid, they do not remember you are their friend.

When a cat’s ears are flicking back and forth, they are listening. They hear many things we can’t. The ears of a cat can hear noises we can’t. If the ears of a cat are laid down, close to the head, they are afraid or mad. We know not to pick up or try to pet that cat.

Sometimes a cat’s tail will be puffed up and round. Sometimes the tail will lash across the floor, back and forth, jerking across the floor. The tail sometimes only moves at the very tip.

Cats babies are called kittens. They are born blind. It takes five days for their eyes to open. Soon they are exploring their world. They will chase a piece of string or a ball of paper. Kittens get tired very quickly. They are so little they don’t have a lot of energy. Let them take a nap and soon your little friend will up and ready to play with you again.