Ensure That Your Dog Does Not Lead You to Be Sued

Ensure That Your Dog Does Not Lead You to Be Sued

Ensure That Your Dog Does Not Lead You to Be Sued

Dogs are lovely pets which many of us keep for company and protection. To make sure that every one is at home with your dog, you need to adapt the animal to a certain behavior. This is because; if you do not train the dog to an acceptable pattern of behavior you might find yourself on the receiving end.

Dogs naturally are friendly animals unless instructed otherwise, to ensure that your dog adapts to an acceptable behavior pattern, it is advisable that you train him early. This training has to be ongoing as the animal grows and as he behaves in different circumstances. Dogs are naturally used to jumping when welcoming well known visitors. To make sure that the animal does not get used to that behavior, you might introduce him to a down command. This can be reinforced with a reward incase he is obedient. On the other hand, you might result with a punishment immediately to send the information that he did not do what was expected.

At times this might not be very easy, therefore to make sure that you maintain the pace of training you might have to instill the behavior by making sure that you respond negatively incase he behaves like this towards you. The obvious way of making sure that you get the point home to his behavior is to with hold any reward which he really enjoys when tempted with a certain behavior that he is used.

A meal which he likes might be with held or even a punishment with a sprit of cold water. This will help to instill the wanted change of behavior when maintained and reinforced accordingly. The animal will get used to the required behavior as long as he knows that there is a reward to be gained. Once he has become used to the reinforcement strategy, he will quickly adapt to other new behavior pattern provided that you maintain incentives for learning.

It is always advisable to have more than one set of commands to make sure your dog will not lead to law suits. This is because,at other times the animal might be so actively engaged in a vice that the usual set of command will not avail much. The most commonly used command is the one of ‘no ‘or ‘leave it’. As usual when the animal has responded as expected you should always ensure that you should always enforce the obedience by a reward right away. This will register in the animal behavior pattern and at the same time becomes its own.

On the other hand when the animal seems not to have adapted the expected behavior you should make sure that the message is given. It is always advisable that you should not set on a new set of command when the previous one has not been mastered. This is because; you might end up confusing the learning process. This will make you vulnerable for law suits whereas the whole purpose of the training is to make your dog more disciplined and save you from unexpected law suits.

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