How to Click a Perfect Photo of Your Pet

Photo shooting a pet is not a small thing. You need to be an expert for that. In fact, you need to learn the photography. It is because unlike the human beings the parts are not camera friends and besides the sound of click will further make them scared. So here are a few steps on getting the right photo shoot of your pet.

Make Them Camera Friendly

PetsIt is very important to make your pet camera friendly. You can incur a few spoiled photos for that. Some of the pets like dogs or cats might even have a particular liking towards a certain photo or video cameras. So, you can take some of their photos from a digits camera and show them on the TV. Hence you need to make a schedule where you would snap and then put their photos on TV and show them full screen. It will attract them to the photos and whenever you will next take camera in hand they will be more than ready to give you the right pose.

Say Cheese

While we human being smile as soon as “Say Cheese” enters our ears, we cannot expect pets to react in this way. But still there are certain ways in which you can train them to react in a similar way. SO, every time you take a camera and want to take their photos say any particular word you pet can connect with. It might be “Tommy, Snap!” or “Pussy, Mew” or in case of birds you can go for certain sounds like kissing, or making sounds with your mouth. However, you need to ensure that in case you are using words you should give more emphasis on vowels rather than consonants.

Reward Them

Every time you take your pet’s photo you need to reward them. If it is dog you can give it the food that they like the most while in the case of parrots you can treat it to its favorite fruits or grains. It will make them happy and rewarded and next time they would be more than willing to give you the best pose.

Do Not Expect Too Much

Many times people’s expectations are just too high for the pets. With due respect to all your love and admiration towards your pet what you need to understand is that they we cannot communicate with them the same way as we can communicate with the human beings. So at times even after several attempts you need to be satisfied with 80% or 90% of your expectations because it is very possible that in an endeavor to make them pose to satisfy you 100% you might even miss the chance.

Take Help of the Technology

The technology today is so advanced that you can even time your camera in such a way that it can take the automatic snaps after every 2 or 3 seconds. That kind of camera would be perfectly fine for you as that will help you to capture 5-6 instances and thus you don’t need to worry if the very first photo does not come out fine.