3 Key Areas Every Riding Instructor Must Master

3 Key Areas Every Riding Instructor Must Master

Riding instructors, to be successful at their craft, must strive to gain an exceptional understanding of several key equestrian subjects. By increasing their skill in the 3 aspects of riding instruction, horse training and stable management, instructors can build their business to be a viable and sustainable enterprise.

Rider Work 

Instructors help riders improve their skills on horseback. Quality riding instruction accommodates students with a widely variable array of skill levels. Beginner riding instruction can be taught in group lessons. Teaching students on an individual basis benefits those requesting intermediate and advanced equestrian training. A firm foundation in the basics of proper equitation, as well as training horseback riders over schooling horse jumps and cavaletti, encompass topics in which the instructor must be well versed.

Horse Work

Instructors also often work as horse trainers. Student mounts may need additional training that the novice equestrian is not currently skilled enough to give on their own. Individuals may also request training of their horses without further riding instruction for themselves. Gaining experience training all sorts of horses will help you to achieve excellent results with the horses that you train for your students and yourself.

Stable Work 

The stable and its management also play a large part in the success of any professional riding teacher. An additional source of income for instructors often comes from boarding student horses. This requires recordkeeping, including maintenance of stable supplies such as bedding and feed. You may choose to add additional help from grooms and stable hands. Training schedules for riders and horses and an arena schedule help keep everything running smoothly. Freelance sole riding instructors typically oversee all of these aspects and more.

Once you have tasted the joy that comes from working with horses and riders, the truly great riding instructors will make every effort to increase their knowledge of rider and horse training, as well as stable management, to rise to the top of their profession.