Do Cats Actually Have Feelings For Their Owners?

Do Cats Actually Have Feelings For Their Owners?

Cats are sweet little creatures who love to curl up with their owners. However, some owners rarely reciprocate the same gesture.

According to reviews on BritainReviews, cats have proven to be naturally emotional animals that like to bond with their owners. Although cats can be ferocious, they are very lovely and loving to be with. Only a few outliers avoid their owners by trying to stay in seclusion.

Cats really do love their owners as feline beings but may not often show it as dogs would do. For example, a dog would wag its tail and climb on its owner when he/she appears but a cat would not go about doing that. Well, animals cannot behave the same way.

Cats love to have a mutual affection with their owners but when they feel they are not loved, they retreat. This is why you need to understand their nature by reading a list of pet brands reviews.

The happy moment of a cat can only be noticed by keen monitoring.

Here are ways to know cats have feelings for you:

1.   Purring and Talking:

Cats communicate but in a nonverbal way. They show they love you by purring over you with their purrs.

2.   Exposing Their Belly:

Normally, a cat would not expose its belly because that is the most delicate part of its body. But when a cat flops down and shows you its belly, it is happy. You should also make the cat happy and feel loved by rubbing its belly. Although this is a sweet and inviting thing to do, fondling must be done with care because discomfort or a slight pinch may cause harm to the cat.

3.   Explore Their Environment:

Cats do not like to be tamed. Although a cat may not go all around the room exploring its environment, it prefers her isolation to been in a cage. When a cat becomes comfortable and has feelings for their owners, they explore the room and may want to curl up with you on the bed.

4.   Pawing and Head-butting:

Head-butting and pawing over you is a subtle way of showing happiness.

5.   Slow Blinking:

A happy peaceful cat would naturally blink its eyes slowly and calmly. She would expect that you blink slowly back at her to show that she is loved.

6.   Sitting on You:

A happy cat would love to crawl and sit on your body if she has feelings for you.

7.   Following You:

Cats are overprotective of their owners and would love to follow you everywhere.

8.   Meowing:

Continuous meowing is a way a cat can get your attention. So if she is happy every time, she’d meow at you as long as she demands your attention.

A cat may behave as though she doesn’t love you but its feline nature is responsible for it. So if you are going to own a cat as a pet, you should get ready to embrace the cat and its behaviors. Your cat’s emotions at a time are expressed by your decisions and reactions.

Cats can show attachment to their owners and can be distressed when their owners leave. Just like how humans express body language, facial expressions, and tones to show they feel, cats do the same but the onus lies on the owners to figure it out and respond appropriately.