What to Be Aware of When Adopting a Rabbit?

What to Be Aware of When Adopting a Rabbit?

The rabbit is one of the animals you might want to adopt as a pet. It is legal to own a rabbit as a pet in the USA and hence, it should not be a problem. However, it is important to harm yourself with the right information if you want to adopt a rabbit. Some of the things you should be aware of when you want to adopt a rabbit are discussed subsequently.


You can easily get an insurance policy for your rabbit if you so wish. The insurance mostly covers the fees you spend on veterinary services. It can also cover for a stolen or missing rabbit. If you are paying for the advertisement and offering a reward, the insurance company can contribute to such advertisements and rewards. They can also pay the amount it cost you to acquire the rabbit. If you want to get an insurance cover for your rabbit, you can read different exotic pet insurance companies’ reviewson US-Reviews to know the right type of insurance policy to get for your rabbit and the company to get the insurance from.


Your pet will need food to stay alive and grow. Rabbits are herbivores, which implies that they eat leaves and vegetables. They need a large amount of hay daily as it contributes to helping them keep their teeth at the right size. This is considering their teeth can overgrow if they don’t continuously chew on plants to wear off the teeth. Some of the most common food types for rabbits include dandelion greens, beet, collard, pea pods, parsley, brussels sprouts, squash, wheatgrass, radicchio, cabbage, kale, basil, endive, carrot tops, and romaine lettuce. It is worthy of note that you can only give the alfalfa hay to pregnant rabbits, nursing rabbits, and young bunnies that are still growing. By the time the rabbits are a year and above, the calories and calcium in the alfalfa hay will be too high for them. You should avoid giving fruits to your rabbits even though you can give them a small slice of peach, plum, pear, and apple occasionally.


Rabbits also need some exercise. Fortunately, you don’t need to take them outside or walk them like you will do your dogs. All you need to do is let them out of their cages for a few hours every day. The exercise will help to ensure they don’t become overweight while aiding their digestion as well. Rabbits enjoy jumping on things and running around.


Rabbits are social animals and you should spend time handling and petting time. This is especially when you have just brought them to a new environment. Even though they may hide when you first get them before they are shy, you should make out time for them. You should also make sure you handle them safely. Safe handling of rabbits includes supporting their hind legs. This will keep them safe and secure from injury. When you don’t support their hind legs, they can kick strongly such that their backs will break in the process.

Living with other animals

It is normal for predatory pets such as ferrets, dogs, and pets to attempt to catch, harm, and even eat your rabbit. However, with proper supervision, all of these animals can live together in the same house with a rabbit harmoniously. There are also instances where your predatory pet only wanted to play with the rabbit and pick it with its mouth. However, germ-laden saliva, long claws, and sharp teeth of the predatory pet might harm your rabbit. Hence, no matter how friendly your predatory pets are, it is best not to leave them alone with your rabbit.