Selecting the Right Dog Harness for Your Pooch

Selecting the Right Dog Harness for Your Pooch
Selecting the Right Dog Harness for Your Pooch

These days, a lot of people are buying dog harnesses instead of collars. People love their dogs, and by buying a harness they’re less likely to choke while being  how do you decide which one to buy? After all, you aren’t a dog so you don’t know what they might like.

There’s a few things to consider here:

1) What kind would work best for your pooch? 2) How much money can you spend on a soft pooch harness?

Let’s jump right in to the first question-

What Kind do I Need?

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself to figure that out:

  • Is your dog male or female? You don’t want a pink harness on a male dog, right? 
  • Does your dog love to swim? If so, leather may not be a good choice- go with nylon instead.
  • Will the harness be used on long walks? Does your dog pull hard, or is it pretty calm and gentle while being walked?
  • Is their skin sensitive? What is their fur like? 
  • Is this small dog harness to help strap your dog into the car? If so, how long are the trips you’ll be making with it? You definitely want your dog to be comfortable, right?
  • Will your dog get the harness dirty, so it has to be machine washable?

The last thing to do is determine if a harness will be big enough. Because most harnesses are measured by girth, that is how you should measure your pooch. All you need to do this is a flexible measuring tape.

If you don’t have one, just measure it with a piece of string. Then measure the length of the string to a ruler or meter stick. Start by measuring around the base of your dog’s neck. A lot of the time, this is the only measurement you’ll have to take.

What’s Your Budget?

How much money can you afford to spend on your small dog harness? Prices for simple nylon harnesses can start at about $10 or a little more. Most quality harnesses tend to be in the $20 range, but nice leather dog harnesses can be a bit more. Some people prefer to purchase very nice dog harnesses if they really love their dog, but its all based on your preference and budget.

To get a cheap dog harness, your best bet is to shop online. When you buy from a retail store, there’s a lot more costs they have to cover, meaning you pay more.

Buying a small dog harness isn’t an easy task, but don’t make it too difficult either. As long as you get a  harness that is fairly comfortable and won’t fall apart after a few weeks, you’ll be ok.  Just remember your dog’s personality, their day-to-day behavior, and what kind of budget you have.

Personally, I’ve loved the harness I got my dog Max because he doesn’t choke himself on walks anymore. I think you’ll be glad too once you get your own small dog harness for your furry friend.